You'll find listed below a selection of industry events/exhibitions and conferences that Dialogic is attending during the coming year. To view an individual event simply click on the links below.



MWC Americas

Dialogic at MWC Americas 2017San Francisco, CA

Dialogic will be at MWC Americas 2017 from Sept 12 - 14. Email to schedule a meeting.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 Tradeshow

IIT RTC Conference and Expo 2017

Dialogic at IIT RTC 2017Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

Dialogic will be a silver sponsor of the IIT RTC Hackathon. The Hackathon will be held from Sept 23 – Sept 24. Sign up and Hack away for a chance to win some of the prize money as well as a chance to interact with and learn from the best WebRTC experts across the country.

Right after the Hackathon, from Sept 25 - Sept 28, Dialogic will be participating in the IIT RTC Conference and Expo. Email if you would like to set up a meeting. 


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Saturday, September 23, 2017 Conference

TechXLR8 Asia

Dialogic at TechXLR8 AsiaMarina Sands Bay, Singapore

Dialogic will be at TechXLR8 Asia from October 2 - October 4, collocated with the Dialogic A2I event in Singapore

To meet with Dialogic at TechXLR8 Asia, email


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Monday, October 02, 2017 Tradeshow

A2I Summit - Singapore

Dialogic A2I Summit 2017TECHXLR8 Asia - Singapore

Looking for new ways to engage customers in this dynamic and competitive market place that includes IoT, AI, and next generation technology?

On October 2nd at the A2I Summit, co-located with TechXLR8 Asia, Dialogic will provide you with ideas and concrete examples of integrating real-time communications functionality into your customers’ mobile, digital lifestyle.Experts from Dialogic will elaborate on solutions for building and delivering innovative services for your subscribers and on-the-go entrepreneurs.

Come see what innovation that combines real-time communications, IoT and AI looks like. Reserve your seat by registering below.

Visit the A2I Summit event page to register and for more details. 


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Monday, October 02, 2017 Roadshow

A2I Summit - Tokyo

Dialogic A2I Summit 2017Toshi Center Hotel - Tokyo, Japan

Looking for new ways to engage customers in this dynamic and competitive market place that includes IoT, AI, and next generation technology?

On October 20th, at the A2I Summit, Dialogic will provide you with ideas and concrete examples of integrating real-time communications functionality into your customers’ mobile, digital lifestyle.Experts from Dialogic will elaborate on solutions for building and delivering innovative services for your subscribers and on-the-go entrepreneurs.

Come see what innovation that combines real-time communications, IoT and AI looks like. Reserve your seat by registering below.

Visit the A2I Summit event page to register and for more details. 


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Friday, October 20, 2017 Roadshow

CCA Annual Convention

Dialogic at CCA Annual Convention 2017Fort Worth, TX

Join us at the Competitive Carriers Association Annual Convention, October 25 - 27, at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  This event brings together 100 key carriers to discuss a broad range of topics related to the efficient operation of their networks. 

While at the show, please be sure to join us in booth #720 to learn more about Dialogic's solutions to enhance your network.  Interested in scheduling a meeting?  Please send an email to and we'll take care of the rest.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Tradeshow

Integrated Media Gateways and the Transition to IP Networks - Webinar
Online Webinar

The transition from circuit-switched to IP networks for mobile and fixed line communications is well underway in the United States and other regions throughout the world.  During this transition period, it is important for Service Providers and Enterprises to migrate customers to new IP-based technologies such as SIP, Voice over LTE and IPV6. However, the existing SS7 and ISDN networks will need to co-exist with IP during this transition and new services like SIP Trunking will build bridges between enterprises,  external IP networks and the cloud. Integrated media gateways can play a critical role in easing this transition by offering signaling connectivity, interworking and media transcoding between the myriad types of networks such as SS7 to SIP and SIP to SIP.  This webinar will address the following important points:

  • Strategies for interconnecting TDM and IP Networks
  • Bridging the Gap: SIP Trunking via Media Gateways with SBC functions
  • How Media Transcoding Adds Value for Gateway Customers
  • Today’s Use Cases for Integrated Media Gateways  
  • Case Study for Transition to SIP – SIP Networks with IPV6

Join us July 20th at 2pm EST! Click here to register for the webinar.


IoT and Video - Opportunities Await Webinar
Online Webinar

Join Alan Percy, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis to learn about the opportunities for Communications Service Providers and enterprises around integrating video into their IoT applications.

Abstract: Video is finding its way into every-day life, including the things that we use to control, monitor and communicate with in our homes, businesses and industrial applications. We asked noted industry analyst Dean Bubley to look into the intersection of video and IoT, sharing his vision of how the two technologies will create new opportunities. The result was an inspiring whitepaper titled “IoT and Video – Opportunities Await”. During this session, we’ll talk with Dean about his whitepaper, explore some of his findings, and give an opportunity for our live attendees to engage in the conversation.

Webinar will be held at July 13, 2017 at 11AM EST.

Register for the webinar here.


Dialogic PowerVille LB – Scaling your Business Webinar

With an extensive history of providing communications technologies and solutions, Dialogic now offers a PowerVille™ LB - an Avaya DevConnect-compliant load balancer solution for Avaya Aura Session Manager.  Offered as a pure software solution, PowerVille LB can be deployed in on-premises, cloud or hybrid architectures, integrating Avaya and non-Avaya applications into a unified scaling and resilience strategy.  Join ScanSource, Dialogic and Avaya on April 5th at 2PM EST to learn more about Dialogic solutions for load balancing in an enterprise application.

Click here to register for the event.

Dialogic PowerVille LB - Scaling your business webinar


SDxCentral Demo Friday
January 15, 2016 ,10:00 am – 11:00 am (PST)

Real-Time multimedia focused applications that provide collaborative, contextual and interactive voice video will be a major consumer of resources in evolving virtualized networks.  Network Function Virtualization (NFV) promises flexibility, elasticity, automation and a shift away from proprietary hardware with an industry backed framework built on open standards, but interoperability still is a main concern for service providers and other ecosystem participants to speed this technology shift along.  In this webinar, Dialogic and Oracle will demonstrate the interoperability between a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) and a VNF Manager to enable automated lifecycle management of applications in a virtualized environment.

In this demonstration:

  • Learn the challenges NFV deployments have with rich media processing applications and how they can be addressed
  • Discover how Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS Media Resource Function (MRF) and Media Resource Broker (MRB) applications interoperate with Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator to allow the dynamic deployment of media processing VNFs to give an elastic solution in response to changing traffic demands made by audio conferencing applications


Combining the Dialogic PowerMedia range of products in collaboration with Oracle’s Application Orchestrator provides an extremely powerful solution set.  The demonstration will include the following high level steps:

  • On-boarding Dialogic’s MRB and XMS MRF using the Oracle Application Orchestrator
  • Automated scaling of MRF capacity in response to changing demands in conferencing traffic

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SDX Central Demo Friday


Customer Experience – Improving the Look with Visual IVR
Tuesday, 8 December 2015 - 19:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (ET)

Businesses are always seeking means to improve customer service, retention and workflow accuracy.  Frustrated customers abhor hearing “Press 1 for this…press 2 for that”.  Visual IVR - combining a mobile visual component to traditional IVR, users are given a more natural experience with a combination of web and voice guidance to help them navigate menus more efficiently and eliminate numbered menus.   Join APEX Communications and Dialogic during this webinar event to learn how Visual IVR improves the customer experience and can drive new revenue.

What Attendees will learn:

  • How the Visual IVR revolutionizes the user interface of traditional voice-only IVR's to both exponentially improve the user experience and consistently deliver high levels of customer service satisfaction, while decreasing calls to agents and lowering overall cost. The APEX Visual IVR easily bridges the gap between mobile, self-service, and customer care with its omni-channel strategies and capabilities.
  • Visual IVR is part of a move to multi-media communications, driven by the natural experiences of everyday communications.  An important foundation of this migration is software-based media servers, including Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS, a building block in the APEX Visual IVR solution.

 Who should attend:

  • Directors, Vice Presidents, and Managers of Mobile Network Operators, Value Added Service Providers, and Enterprises looking to improve the productivity of their call/contact centers by enhancing their (Self-Service) Customer Care.

Webinar Date and Time: Tuesday, 1 December 2015 - 19:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (ET)

APEX Dialogic TMCNet Webinar


Pathways to IPX Innovation
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 - 14:00 (GMT) / 09:00 (ET)

The transformational migration of services to all-IP comes with options and opportunities for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to go beyond traditional approaches in connecting services and networks. In this webinar, industry experts Isabelle Paradis and Steve Heap from Hot Telecom, and Tom Schroer, Director of Service Provider Marketing from Dialogic, will explore ways you can take advantage of this migration to increase innovation and propel your network to the next level.

Key topics will include:

• Monetizing 4G investment with roaming enablement and interworking

• Leveraging the vast amount of intelligence flowing across IPX networks

• Opportunities connecting Wi-Fi networks

•The evolution of voice to VoLTE and the emerging role of WebRTC

We’ll explore ways CSPs can differentiate their offerings and take advantage of new revenue opportunities in the expanded IPX concept and look at new segments and participants like OTT players, enterprises, wholesalers and group MNOs.

Webinar date and time: Wednesday, 16 September 2015 - 14:00 (GMT) / 09:00 (ET)

IPX webinar


Media Servers: Powering Tomorrow's Services Today
Online Webinar

On January 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST we will be hosting a limited engagement webinar with renown telecom analyst Dean Bubley and several Dialogic partners to discuss the role of media servers in VoLTE, TADs, NFV, and WebRTC.


While they are rarely in the limelight, real-time media servers are a critical part of communications networks today. Media servers and Media Resource Function (MRF) software is playing an even larger role as video telephony, recording, and real-time stream processing play a larger part in our daily communications. Several initiatives are driving new media server needs and increased usage, including:

  • Voice over LTE (VoLTE) 
  • Telephony Application Developer (TAD) programs 
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) 
  • Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC)

During this webinar, Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis will provide a market update on media servers, their role in today’s major telephony initiatives and the new capabilities they are taking on. Dialogic’s product team will provide an update on PowerMedia XMS, Dialogic’s acclaimed media server. In addition, a number of Dialogic partners will provide insight on how they are using PowerMedia XMS with their applications to power the above initiatives. 

Media Servers: Powering Tomorrow's Services Today


Online at (see register link below)

 Diameter Signaling Controllers, Meet Your Future

Why the DSC of yesterday won’t meet the needs of your Diameter networks now

In a very short time, the strategic value of Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs) has increased dramatically. A DSC is now being seen not only as a platform to support Diameter routing, mediation and security but also as a means to interwork, orchestrate and enhance other control plane signaling protocols such as RADIUS and SS7. And the DSC is emerging to play a key role in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) environments that will fundamentally change how the control plane is utilized in next-generation virtualized IP networks.

Join Tom Schroer – Director of Service Provider Marketing, and Jim Hodges – Senior Analyst for Heavy Reading, as they discuss how service providers are leveraging the next wave of signaling controller functionality today and cover use cases that highlight the additional functionality DSCs will need to meet emerging control plane signaling orchestration requirements.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Techniques to mine the value of control plane messages to enhance and differentiate services
  • How signaling interworking can reduce service delivery costs and speed up interoperability with other networks
  • Accelerating service velocity and reducing costs through signaling orchestration

Day/Date:       Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time:             10 AM ET

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WebRTC Webinar - Preparing networks for a traffic expolosion

WebRTC is creating vast opportunities for mobile revenue growth, but service providers need to be cautious.  More than one billion devices (smartphones, tablets and PCs) already support WebRTC and that number is expected to grow to four billion by 2016.  To capitalize on WebRTC, however, service providers will have to overcome countless challenges in managing the sharp rise in video, voice and data traffic on their networks.

Join thought leaders from  Dialogic and EXFO on Tuesday, March 25 at 11 AM ET for a webinar to discuss:

  • WebRTC technology and its impact on networks
  • Architectural requirements of WebRTC implementation, including:
    • Internetworking WebRTC, signaling and media with IMS
    • Handling HD video
    • Dealing with peer-to-peer and client-to-server traffic

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The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco. Webinar

On July 11, 2013, Dialogic and Light Reading will present an informative, free webinar that explores: “The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco.”

Service Providers are driving a transformative concept called Network Functions Virtualization or NFV that moves network functionality to software and leverages commercially available IT server and virtualization technology. 

Join us as we discuss NFV, and cover the challenges and key criteria service providers should consider when implementing an NFV strategy.

Highlights Include:

  • Criteria to determine which network functions are good candidates for virtualization.
  • Virtualizing session border controller functionality.
  • Vendor considerations to align your virtualization strategy.
  • Use cases that rationalize NFV benefits of virtualized SBCs including increased flexibility, faster service deployment and lower TCO.

The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco Webinar


Deliver on the Video Promise of NG9-1-1

The rollout of NG9-1-1 provides for enhanced capabilities including the delivery of live video from remote locations.  This free webinar explains how to: 

  • Improve coordination by delivering live streams of incidents as they happen
  • Connect multiple parties to a video conference using standard mobile devices
  • Enable video calling for the deaf
  • Deliver video instructions for life saving interventions in the field

Please join Neil Weldon while he explores how Dialogic media and signaling solutions support the needs of NG9-1-1 today and provide a smooth migration for the rollout of new NG9-1-1 services in the future.